Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frap Fund - The Sequel!

Frap Fund #2

Well a few weeks ago I started to talk about savings and how we opened a Frap Fund to transfer all of our savings into.

SO to start this blog off I thought I would just state that since I am blogging about it I should also report my results for the last week.

This last week we saved $281 by not going out to dinner twice, store coupons, store clubs and wait for it, I only went to Starbucks once during the week, I must be going thru coffee withdrawal by now.

But alas my coffee was free from the office and yes its Starbucks.

This week I also took time out of my day to go to 7 year olds first grade class and talk to them about savings and why it is so important. I delivered to the classroom 22 piggy banks and the kids were in love with them and they couldn’t stop talking about both savings and other ways to save money.

We also had the teacher fully engaged and she introduced the concept of the kids filling their piggy banks then transferring the money to a savings account at the bank, thus allowing for the addition of interest.

Meeting with these kids opened my eyes to how we, meaning us everyday consumers, have not done a good job with savings. We have been a spend-it society even above our means.

But these kids don’t have any of those preset conditions to spend yet! I think it is our job as adults to teach these kids about savings.

I mentioned to the kids that I felt money was an emotion and some of the kids understood and even gave me other emotions. These kids had it down now if we can just keep them on the growth path, happy days.

Since starting to talk about the Frap Fund lon my blog I am now finding people who I now have read it and we have started talking about savings and credit card debt again.

And speaking of savings there was a great little article in the LA times that talked about if you had bought $5,700 worth of Apple stock when the MAC came out, approx. 1997, instead of the MAC, it would now be worth more than $330,000!

Wow is what I said.

In addition, if you had purchased one share of Apple stock instead of the ipad when it came out you would have made an additional $70 on that one share in the past several weeks. But hey at least I have my iphone; I don’t want to even see what the stock has done in that period of time.

I may regret buying it!

Nah never!!!

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